Creation Philosophy

Creation Philosophy is a brand that shows appreciation for  traditional hand craftsmanship. Nothing is more elegant and more sophisticated than time honoured  handwork. Leather goods are only as good as the material and craftsmanship that go into it. We strive to create some of the finest leather goods by thoughtful selection of materials and artisan hand craftsmanship. We have three main categories of products: leather bags, apparel and accessories, and silver jewelry.

We focus on four simple philosophies when creating our products:

- Hand craftsmanship

- Original design

- Fine leather

- Superb quality

These philosophies allow our products to be produced with exceptional craftsmanship and unerring quality. Creation Philosophy products done and finished entirely by hand with pride.

Long Range Apparel & Leather Goods Ltd.

Established in 1989, Long Range company began to engage in handbag and accessories designing and manufacturing. Our company has succeeded throughout the years in achieving remarkable production standard and offering products with excellent quality-price ratio perfectly aligned with the current market trend. With our competitive advantages, we have collaborated and established business relationships with hundreds of different brands nationally and internationally. We have marked our prominence as one of the best handbag manufacturers in the industry.

A well-developed infrastructure is the back bone of our company. We have invested substantially in our manufacturing facilities and technology. Our entire production line is closely monitored for superior quality control and safety. We offer products that are designed, processed and finished to meet the highest level of quality.

Long Range company operates through three segments: manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Our finished products include: handbags, backpacks, accessories, apparels, jewelries, and home accents. Capitalizing on our vast experience of handbag manufacturing experience of almost thirty years, we have created our own leather label Creation Philosophy; a brand dedicated to artisan hand craftsmanship.


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